Friday, May 21, 2010

Easy Cutting Boards For Your Pull out Kitchen Shelves

Do you have pull kitchen shelves on you cabinets? They give you extra space for pots and pans while cleaning, cooking, etc. You really don't want to cut on the laminate surface because it will dull and ruin knives and the surface. Here is a solution I found. I looked at my pull out shelves and saw that there was a 1/8" gap from the top of the pull out shelve to its slot.

I purchased some flexible cutting boards from to match the size of my pullout shelves and placed some double sided carpet tape around the perimeter of what would be the bottom of the cutting board. I then mounted the boards to the pullout shelves and now into addition to pull out shelves they are also pull out cutting boards. And they work great.
To clean them just take a spray bottle that you have added one Tablespoon of bleach to and spray them down, let it sit awhile and wipe off. Repeat process if necessary to ensure clean. These flexible cutting boards did not cost to much either.

The cutting board is the yellow in the picture above.
Here is a link to the exact cutting boards I bought and you can purchase them here too.
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